Due to release of new updates please Download our New Client for both Tibia 10 and Tibia 12!

Download Ezodus Client 10
Download Ezodus Client 12
New client will be mandatory after server save of 18th December at 8:00AM.

Guild Wars
Wars Information
/war invite guild_name,fraglimit - Invite Guild to war
/war accept,guild_name - accept invitation to war
/war reject,guild_name - reject invitation
/war cancel,guild_name - cancel invitation
/war stop,guild_name - stop active war (only loosing guild can use this command)

Active Wars on Ezodus

65 : 23

War began on 13.02.2019
Match is up to 999 frags.

Finished Wars on Ezodus
No any finished wars.

War invitations on Ezodus

Pending Invitation

Frag limit set to: 999

Pending Invitation

Frag limit set to: 50