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Guild Information
a7a masry

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Ezodus on 04 Jan 2019.
Current leader is King Broski.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader King Broski 647 Elite Knight
Vice-Leader King Gucci 453 Elder Druid
Lady Shiq 300 Elder Druid
Alemon Rp 464 Royal Paladin
Scottish Soldier 600 Elite Knight
Giggity 442 Elite Knight
Dope 454 Elder Druid
Aksolota 340 Royal Paladin
Member Killed By Wolf 417 Master Sorcerer
Spoderman 355 Elder Druid
Almighty One 401 Master Sorcerer
Arche 328 Royal Paladin
Aequitas 365 Master Sorcerer
Nemsnik 301 Royal Paladin
Coca Hunter 402 Master Sorcerer
Wezli Snipz 456 Royal Paladin
Master Katrila 261 Master Sorcerer
Nofuks Given 254 Elder Druid
Eseess 261 Royal Paladin
Svei 313 Elite Knight
Esccov 301 Elite Knight
Volbeat 246 Royal Paladin
Barrio 430 Master Sorcerer
My Cherries And Wine 274 Elder Druid
Psychopatic 409 Elite Knight
Skrotnisse 269 Elder Druid
The Prophet 317 Elder Druid