Guild Information
a7a masry

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Ezodus on 04 Jan 2019.
Current leader is King Broski.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader King Broski 661 Elite Knight
Vice-Leader Blessed-healz 546 Elder Druid
Killed By Wolf 504 Master Sorcerer
Dr Drunk 385 Elder Druid
Alemon Rp 466 Royal Paladin
Deegu 441 Elite Knight
Coca Hunter 449 Master Sorcerer
Dope 501 Elder Druid
Wezli Snipz 479 Royal Paladin
Member Almighty One 401 Master Sorcerer
Lady Shiq 300 Elder Druid
Queen Joke 414 Elder Druid
King Beastski 646 Elite Knight
Gendos 658 Elite Knight
Falcon Axe 400 Elite Knight
Scottish Soldier 597 Elite Knight
Aequitas 264 Master Sorcerer
King Joke 425 Elite Knight
Nemsnik 313 Royal Paladin
Ginseng 533 Elder Druid
Svei 356 Elite Knight
Kamikaze 248 Master Sorcerer
Crystal Haze 601 Elite Knight
Kroll 405 Elite Knight
Samael Sigil 463 Master Sorcerer
Sio Na Trzy 328 Elder Druid
King Dopeski 475 Elder Druid
The King Of Rosha 402 Elite Knight
King Aez 358 Elder Druid
Bubexel 508 Elder Druid
Uryuu 280 Royal Paladin