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Guild Information
You are Dead

Bem vindos, Duentinhos do Tibia!!

The guild was founded on Ezodus on 29 Oct 2018.
Current leader is Taca Pedra Em Lula.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Taca Pedra Em Lula (KingOfTreta) 249 Royal Paladin
Member Tacador De Xinity 242 Elite Knight
Knight Green 340 Elite Knight
Comigo Ninguen Toddy 235 Paladin
Elderstyle 258 Elder Druid
Baby Happy 277 Elder Druid
Cidadao De Bem 234 Royal Paladin
papel Taloko Cachoeira (RiqueDelas) 285 Elder Druid
Lightbringer Healer (NovatoPSL) 169 Elder Druid
Arrow Green (Palyofpaper) 283 Royal Paladin
Necrozzy (Bahiaelula) 249 Elder Druid
Willmito (novato) 193 Royal Paladin
Druida Zika (novato) 149 Elder Druid
Rich Gang (MSVitima) 262 Master Sorcerer

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Satanica 164 Elite Knight
Luciifer 118 Master Sorcerer
Sujiru Kicorra 212 Royal Paladin
Takacho Lokuera 203 Royal Paladin
Exu Caveira 97 Royal Paladin
Bimbarossauro 82 Master Sorcerer
Ghost 83 Paladin
Soul Reaver 154 Royal Paladin
Infernality 131 Master Sorcerer
Je Mange Deton Cu 214 Elder Druid
Charllote 230 Elite Knight
Hiinata 223 Elite Knight