Guild Information

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Ezodus on 26 Nov 2018.
Current leader is Marlboro Green.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Marlboro Green 216 Paladin
Member Marlboro Red 176 Elite Knight
Marlboro Gold 20 Knight
Chico Pushwar 208 Master Sorcerer
Chico Pushwarr 156 Elder Druid
Honor Nine 124 Elite Knight
Caio 162 Master Sorcerer
Matheus Pistola 179 Elder Druid
Matheus Puto 172 Royal Paladin
Matheus Rputo 87 Royal Paladin
Cleyton Muito Puto 152 Paladin

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Damassa 200 Elite Knight
Gabi Legend 91 Druid
Asa De Frango 163 Sorcerer
Bisteca Cozida 147 Knight