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Guild Information
Cartel Hispano

Guild Hispanohablante

The guild was founded on Ezodus on 27 Nov 2018.
Current leader is Houdini.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Capo Houdini (Capo) 250 Master Sorcerer
Padrino Aiik Knight 318 Elite Knight
Tyrion (CariCari) 301 Elite Knight
Theshy 264 Elite Knight
Sicario Ingenous 247 Elder Druid
Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi) 311 Elder Druid
Abdiiel 235 Royal Paladin
Vanilla Naiterx 171 Royal Paladin
Needmoney 265 Royal Paladin
Palealeminerva 231 Royal Paladin
Fntaxy 208 Elite Knight
Demon In War 247 Elder Druid
Ryoka Maw Boewulf 197 Elder Druid
Aiik Druid 262 Druid
Rambo Arrowz 200 Royal Paladin
Wilfred 254 Master Sorcerer
Revolverx 261 Royal Paladin
Rekkles 229 Royal Paladin
Dumbledore 202 Elder Druid
Renne Relajado 213 Elder Druid
Deseto 127 Royal Paladin
Lord Orochimaru 280 Royal Paladin
Linda Osiris 121 Royal Paladin
Ickis 255 Royal Paladin
Blue Shot 228 Royal Paladin
Feitan 238 Royal Paladin
Chokiche 257 Royal Paladin
Ragnar Warlord 220 Royal Paladin
Cyborgz 187 Elder Druid
Germancito 204 Elder Druid
El Tanquesin 210 Elite Knight
Terror Of Smaugg 209 Royal Paladin
Sharkk 242 Elite Knight
Wist 218 Elder Druid
Zitronix 152 Royal Paladin
Ntax 181 Master Sorcerer
Atreuz 177 Elite Knight
Elder Venezuela 151 Elder Druid
Nightfall 158 Elder Druid
Ezcanor 150 Elite Knight

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Estako 135 Master Sorcerer
Arzack 157 Royal Paladin
Engineer Mada 167 Royal Paladin
Terrour Yhonny 92 Royal Paladin
Tutifruti 201 Druid
Namestyc Up 120 Sorcerer
Morning Star's 158 Sorcerer
Eternal Tank 60 Elite Knight
Eternal Omela 56 Elder Druid
Sicaritos 201 Elite Knight
Mistgun 129 Royal Paladin