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New Update Idea

Hi everyone!
My suggestions are:
1) add 30% more exp bonus for use client 12
2) add more 50 hp/mp regeneration per second by boots of waterwalking
3) add excercises weapons
4) fix banuta spawn ( remove behemoths , ghastly dragons etc. and add more medusae, hydras, serpents )
5) add more benefits from Grizzly Adams tasks
6) remove levers from poi quest
7) improve the damage dealt by mages (runes ava,thunders etc. , spells too)
Thanks! I'm waiting for opinions.
30% for customer 12, would not be much? It would be very different for anyone who uses client 10 like me ..

Suggestion 2 i support it ! Boots of waterwalking
is little better than a soft boots, could be better.
i like suggestion 3,4,5 and 7
1) Bonus exp on 12 client is high already
2)Simply not, it's strong already if you know how to use the regeneration items
3)Also not, we won't be adding those p2w weapons in store/game
4)Banuta spawn was one of the strongest spawn as far as it's free to use without quest necessary it was boosted and made to be harder to hunt
5)Grizzly Adams tasks are there to be done to gain possibility sell/buy items to him that you can't sell another way (trophies etc.) and getting access to places you can't get another way (Egg of the many,Demodras,Tiquandas revenge etc.)
6)Not rly, real like feature why would we do that
7)Mages are strongest damage dealers already we won't really improve their damage atm.

Resume: RPG things won't be removed or made easier, we are even trying to make it harder so people have to do something all the time not just walk take a reward and so on, that's definitely NO.
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