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bug might ring

21:07 You see a might ring (protection physical +20%, energy +20%, earth +20%, fire +20%, ice +20%, holy +20%, death +20%) that has 0 charges left.
It weighs 1.00 oz.

I hope to recieve something with this bug

the bug of the ring appears every server save in only 1 point and it never ends

is found in gunzodus too

Only I know where ADM appears I'll leave a letter in your trunk
Thanks for your report, fixed on the map won't be possible to get these anymore, also all rings obtained this way will fix after char relogs am sure.
What did I receive in exchange for this bug?

I have another bug if I report it or recivire anything?
Sure will try to contact you in-game.
So your not reporting the other bug if you wont recieve anything, you want a cookie? report bugs and help the server...
Yea, good boy.
I will not report the edron bug I do not recieve anything to report
What does he want in return? an adm position for reporting bugs and errors? xDDDDDDD
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