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My item

I lost my item "Spirit guide", I looted this item this night.
I put this on market and when I deleted this offer from market - I lost item.
Instead book I get to inbox:
"12:43 You see an item of type 32767."
Please fix this ASAP
Checked this issue in-game also with market thingy worked perfect, when have u looted this book ?
Ive lost my Spirit Guide aswell and ive reported that to GM Cass. Rn i got piece of floor in my bp.

Same problem here... I looted this 09.02.2019 between 00.00 - 4.30 something like that
Tested parceling it,adding it on market and it's still spirit guide
Dunno, ive droped it on floor at my house and after 7-10 days when i picked it up it was like that. Later ive parceled it from my other char and thats still a piece of floor which i cant move.
I can't move this from my inbox. So nothing to do from You?
It's suck, You can't solve easy problem and ignoring me. I devoted my time playing here, when drop rare item and it's buged You don't want to help me. Shame on!
You and aksolota should have a spirit guide on your mailboxes already.
Thanks for Your reply and good intentions but I receiver parcel with piece of ground... same thing as before when I replaced this from market.
here is picture...
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