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Remove stamina

I think you could add someting like that when your stamina its bad and u cant get any loot and 50 less experience , so u can buy Stamina remover and its took your stamina to main position . Couse exp with no loot its not fun ^^
Stamina have been implemented as a "bot" protection in this game, and this feature wont be changed.
But maybe from friday to sunday when peaple have free time to play "cancel" that stamina so ppl wont be stack couse of stamina^^ I haved free few days and I used stamina and I know how its hurt when u almost cant exp ^^ 50 persent for exp its still ok but no loot its killig me couse no loot -no money for pots etc xD
I saw that you have some interested events in weekend so its shame that som ppl will be stack xD
You can gain stamina during week and waste it during weekend simple as that and wont be changed.
I wont forgive you that means I need sleep sometimes .. xDD
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