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Noob MC pk noth over 350

First of all watch your language, we are not your palls and you are only giving more reasons to prolong the ban.
Secondly, we got an ss with Siocham And Meteor running on follow with skulls, that means mc pk and if you got banned for that, that means gm checked ips and it was the same. So it is a proof.
And the last thing, don't spam forum like that. All you wrote could be in one message. Ban will not be taken off early.
Yo, why u've made such a spam? And it doesnt matter that guy on follow didn't attack him if IPs was same as Meteor's.
And what u want from me tho, i ain't banned nor asked for it.
Using many multi clients to kill players anywhere around and therefor have an advantage over other players is considered....

Using many multi clients to kill i use only one char for kill this guy he die only from meteor
We're not discussing his death, we're discussing you on multiple chars with skulls what is forbidden. The skull didn't appear out of nowhere...
no no i dont have ban for 2 player with skull near depo i have ban for multi client player killing so showe me who die from my 2 char

"Using many multi clients to kill players..."

he die from 1 char so i dont use multi client for player killing
That's the same thing. You hit some players with mc what means MC PVP, what kind of that can't you understand? Enough of the discussion, wait patiently to the end of the ban, thanks for the cooperation
for me ban for multi client player killing is when 2 char or more kill one person this guy die form one char so i dont use multi client for kill and this ban is for free change reason for ban maby put ban for 2 char with skull in the same time
I hate your kind of guys, to narrowminded to understand anything you've been told, even when caught red-handed you are telling that its not your hand. Okay what about
11 January 2019, 10:13 Died on level 270 by Nardor, Ciugun, Psajdakos, Disco Reason, Meteor and Siochamwas.
You're lucky you got only 2 Days ban since its not your First mc pk.
this Ostatni zywy use 6 mc in brige roshamuul so ban him now
and we speak about killing Nofuks Given not Ostatni Zywy so dont change subject now
If u have any proofs show them
I told you atleast twice that its not about nofuks, its about you on mc? So Im asking what part of STOP BREAKING THE RULES dont you understand ? If somebody mc pk report him with some evidence and we will check that.
do you know what i have for this situation and this ban ..I..
24 December 2018, 07:36 Died on level 181 by Killed By Wolf, Blazed and Haunter.

they use mc for kill siochamwas in trap so look in logs check ip and if they use mc i want see ban i know swedish players can more on this server
Thx for ban my next char i have 5 more so gogoog ban all
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