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Winter Update 2018 Released


 Welcome to Open Global-Tibia server Ezodus that is being developed and tested by a professional team for past seven years!

Best and most complete EU Open Tibia Server on stage those days and we keep our work with the updates every day!

We offer possibility to use both 10+ tibia client and also 12+ tibia client also so everyone will find out his own way to the best!

Ezodus started on Saturday, 13th October 2018 at 18:00 CEST.

We include all features that you can spot on Global Server even newest items and monsters caves including updates from 12.00.

New Features
MOTA extension
- Imbuements on backpacks increasing capacity of character
- Stronger AoE and single target spell formulas based on old Tibia versions
Expanded Asura Palace
- Warzone IV, V, VI 
(including all warzone bosses, gnome items and tasks)
Each one task finished rewards you with 2 surprise jars and 1.000.000 experience.

Falcon Bastion (including all falcon bosses and items)
- Cults Of Tibia
- IOs/Android 
social App here
- Hunting Analyzer 
(counts your waste and profit right at the moment)
- Darashia Elite Dungeon
- Grimvale Quest Curse Spread  
(Edron and Cormaya)
New Outfit Quests
Winter Update 2018
The Dream Courts

Special Systems

- We have fully working Imbuements (your imbue decreasing only while you're fighting)
- We have kept the Mayhem/Remedy/Carving weapons idea what means you can buy permanent HP/Mana/Critical (overcharged) weapons for 100 Gold Tokens by trading them with NPC Yana
- We have added Destruction Weapons in store (mayhem/remedy/carving are still stronger and obtainable only through gameplay we also added them and imbue slot)
- We include Imbuement slots on Umbral Weapons
- We include fully working Prey System
- We include New Summons & New Ammunitions
- Quick Loot system
- All common systems like Cast, Private Guild War etc.
Events like Team Battle,Death Match,Pandora Event,Zombie run Event, Last Man Standing(survive till you can) reward for all events is Mystery Box from store
- We use special custom speed formula that is very similar to old tibia formula - your character runs significally faster on higher levels!!
- We have boosted party shared experience formula so hunting in party with more vocations should be more fun and effective!

Graphical indicator for the various PvP situations what are the differently coloured frames around characters.

You see an enchanted pendulet (Arm:2, distance fighting +3, protection physical 5%, energy +18%) that is brand-new.
It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 180 or higher.
It weighs 6.50 oz.

You see a pair of dreamwalkers (Arm:2, magic level +1, protection earth +8%).
It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 180 or higher.
It weighs 8.00 oz

You see dark whispers (Arm:7, distance fighting +2, protection ice +3%).
It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 180 or higher.
It weighs 34.00 oz.

You see a winterblade (Atk:10 physical + 41 ice, Def:22 +4, sword fighting +1).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 180 or higher.
It weighs 43.00 oz.

You see a summerblade (Atk:10 physical + 42 fire, Def:20 +4, sword fighting +1).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 180 or higher.
It weighs 43.00 oz.

Ezodus Team.
When will you add auto-loot like in real tibia?
Originally posted by Pato Senpai on 20.12.2018 20:39
When will you add auto-loot like in real tibia?

There's autoloot like half year or more !autoloot/!quickloot command.
why in version 12.00 the game does not save my settings? I mean... BPs, Skills, Hunting Analyser etc.? Every time i close the game i need to open all of this again and again :/ Its kinda annoying


-When bestiary and charms gonna work?
-Why in store, addon section, shows me female addons while im playing male character?
-I unchecked "Show Spells" and "Show Spells of Others" at Options > Game Window but its not working and still I can see all incantations.
-Loot analyser shows ALL loot which monster drop, not only we took out.
(Cuz of that Hunting analyser gives us bad info. about gold balance)

One more Question... You wont delete characters anymore will you? I'm asking cuz I lost my 250+ EK and i dont want to waste my time to play knowing that there will be full server clear.
Are there any plans on making beastiary work? I would love to be able to complete that!
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