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Hello dear players,
We apologize for morning downtime of a server and we are enabling 50% experience bonus till the end of the week.

We have also added Grimvale Bosses (Curse Spread Quest) so its possible now to obtain Foxtail amulet by killing all bosses located in subterranean caves of the lycanthrope on Edron and Cormaya.

Happy Hunting!

Ezodus Team.
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Vallais, can you please do something to bring players back?

We launched mid-October and 3 1/2 weeks later the server is already dead.

Most people don't bother TH because they outlevel the zones and can just duo spawns - you have people who are top-levels selling accounts, getting banned and then unbanned.

This server doesn't have any uniqueness to it right now, and it needs a spruce up.

- Setup a Discord for immediate updates.
- Find a mapper with time to edit some of the existing spawns.
- Find a staffing team that don't advertise other OTs (Sansar, Niebieski). They openly talk about Imp*** and we lost a lot of people to it.
- Fix donations so that they are worthwhile in V11 Tibia, they simply aren't useful in our version currently.

When we talk about Ezodus, people have very little positive to say and what makes the server unique...
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