a) Bug Abuse
Abusing a game weakness to gain an advantage (even if abused and then reported to any staff member) results in a 5 day ban
(Obvious errors of the game or any other part of Ezodus services and more importantly, bugs that may cause several damage to the server will results in the deletetion of your account).

b) Multi Client bomb
Using more than 4 multi clients results to ban on all characters, using multi clients in ANY count while hunting/botting in caves, also together/co-operated with scripts/bots and so on, will result in a 2-4 days ban.
Using many multi clients to kill players anywhere around and therefor have an advantage over other players is considered unfair gameplay (includes botting on bosses with more than 1 character at a time/event killing etc.) results in a 2 days ban on all characters that are logged in..

c) Pretending to be Ezodus staff
Pretending to be a representative of Ezodus or to have their legitimation or powers results in 5 days ban.

d) False Information to Ezodus staff/OTs
Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to Ezodus in reports about rule violations, complaints, bug reports or support requests.
Speaking disrespectly with any staff member in public or private chats, posting wrong information in chats such as posts that are decreasing servers morale
(Servers morale is kinda on thin ice so you must understand that we are trying to keep it fine) results in 2 days ban.

e) Scamming on donations
With every donation you accept terms in shop, (exactly posted down) using paypal chargeback, claim or other refunding option results in a permanent ban.
B. You will not dispute the charges incurred to your paypal account from your voluntary donation to Ezodus.
C. You realize that this is a voluntary donation, and in being a donation it is not refundable.
Any kind of paypal claims/chargebacks will result in permanent banishment and deletion of account.

f) Racist posts in public chats or forums
Posting racist pictures about any culture, making fun of other countries just in case of disrespect results in a 2 day ban.

g) Advertising other open tibia servers
Posting any kind other server links, calling players to other servers or anything that looks like a commercial to other games
results in a permanent ban.

h) Blocking spawns
Any kind of blocking spawns with high level characters and/or mc bot healers behind results to a ban on all characters logged in from same IP for 24 hours.

i) Destructive Behaviour
Causing any damage to servers morale or trying to destroy it with any kind of destrucive behaviour.
Spreading false informations about serve rin public channels that may cause some kind of dehonestation server's name results in 2 days ban.

k) Dying/Exp abuse
Dying with lower level characters on events or in real world in case if trying to abuse bug like getting more frags in events or
gaining experience for killing each other results in 2 days ban or permanent banishment (as the situation requires).

l) Spamming
Spamming is repeating the same text over and over again results to a few hours mute in channels or may result in few days ban, while keep spamming after warnings.

m) Botting while/Mc Botting/Pking...
Botting afk with many (*4~+) multi clients on with combo bot or and kind of similiar things to that results in a 2 day ban in all characters that are logged in.

n) Illegal Trades
Trading/Selling accounts for real money, paypal accounts, other servers items and so on will results in 3 days or permanent banishment (as the situation requires).

o) Dicers and depot slots
Using any kind of dicer bots on multiple characters means only one is available at the same time - will results in 1-2 day banishment, if repeated may result in deletion of character or permanent banishment. 
Private casinos are legal to run only in depot of Yalahar.
It is illegal to use own random number calculation for running casino. Breaking this rule will lead to permenent ban of the casino character and other characters of its owner.

Frequently breaking any rule above may result in deletion of all accounts logged ever from the IP that breaks the rules.